Our Story

In 2019, I was looking to replace a coffin-shaped wallet that I had purchased a few years earlier online because the one that I had was falling apart and was barely holding together. After spending days searching online, I found the wallet options were extremely limited. The wallet options I found were either too expensive, had unflattering designs, and just not at all what I was looking for. Frustrated with not being able to find a suitable replacement, I decided to try and make my own coffin-shaped wallet by testing several different fabrics, materials, and sizes until I made a great-looking and high-quality wallet. After finding a way to make my own morbid style wallet, I wondered what other products were out there that I could make myself with a gothic twist so, that is when I decide to make my own bath bombs.

I spent many weeks testing different ingredients and mixes until I finally produced the perfect recipe that not only made the bath bombs look cool and smell great, but also did not leave a big mess to clean up or stain the body. That is when I started thinking that I might not be the only person out there looking for a coffin wallet or high-quality gothic products. So, I decided I wanted to offer these gothic style products which are made at the highest quality and a fair price for everyday use.
From here, Morbid Bound was born.

That is how the name came to be, we set out to make everyday life a bit more Morbid. After putting the wallet and bath bombs out there and seeing the popularity of our Morbid Bound products, I started adding more, “everyday household,” products that I gave a morbid twist to such as potholders, wax melts, and different varieties of other products, but one thing I always made sure to do, is to find a way to offer my items at the highest quality at a fair price. We evaluate every product and material we use to make sure we are providing the best Morbid Bound products we can.
We love our Morbid Bound products and are confident you will too.

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